OVENDEN Earthmoving Earth Moving Canterbury Kent South East England Europe

OVENDEN Earthmoving Kent South East England Europe

Ovenden Earthmoving Company Ltd, Wellhead Farm, Wingham Well, Nr. Canterbury, Kent, CT3 1NS, TEL: 01227 720777, FAX: 01227 728332

Ovenden Earthmoving

OVENDEN Earthmoving Company

Earth Moving, Crushing & Recycling and Coastal Defences

Ovenden Earthmoving

OVENDEN Earthmoving have specialist plant for activity such as Earth Moving, Crushing & Recycling, Sea & Coastal Defences. We are based at Wingham Well, near Canterbury, Kent. For more information contact us on 01227 720777 or alternatively, E-mail us on info@ovenden.biz

OVENDEN Earthmoving has become the leading earthmoving contractor in the South East, South of England and beyond, having grown at a sustainable pace over the years.

OVENDEN Earthmoving was originally established in 1973 to carry out the Earthworks for Cross Channel Contractors in connection with the construction of the Channel Tunnel.

Since then OVENDEN Earthmoving has grown steadily, acquiring a wealth of experience in the many and varied Earthworks contracts that have been undertaken.

OVENDEN Earthmoving firmly believe that the customer is always right, well nearly always. We aim to form a firm partnering relationship with our customers, which we continue to maintain.

As a result of this much of our work is repeat business with clients who enjoy working with someone they can trust and rely upon.

From tender to completion we like to work with our clients rather than for them, by ensuring this we maintain our continued growth and good name within the Earthworks industry.

OVENDEN Earthmoving have a good teamwork ethic and work hard to become part of the customer's team. By following this attitude we can enjoy working together.

OVENDEN Earthmoving Crushing Recycling Sea Defences Canterbury Kent South East